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Hi I'm Stephen and this is a little about me and why I have this design page on our website.


I've always be interested in design. Since I was little I loved to draw and create things, and I had a natural appreciation for beauty. But, as most stories go, I found that my talent as a freelance artist was a bit lacking. It was this reality that really discourage me from pursuing my interest in this area as a profession but not as a passion..


As time went by I would dabble in various things but never took myself to

seriously. While in high school I designed a logo for a friend of mine who owned a stereo shop and he accepted it. I was very proud of myself and encourage by acceptance. As time went on and computers came into my life I started to see if I could find another venue for my creative side. Using the computer I mainly design very simple logos which I applied to another of my interests (auto tuning.)


However, that didn't last long and soon life and career took over and I found myself as an elementary school teacher. My wife and I moved overseas to South Korea to teach. The school where we worked was a new school of only 3 years and so during our time there the school adopted school colors and a mascot (phoenix).


This gave me the opportunity I needed to try designing logos again. Since I'm not an artist by any stretch of the word I had to, and still do, rely on royalty free artwork that others have done and I tweak them to my needs which I continue to do to this day.


To make a long story short I went crazy creating logos for every possible aspect of the school's current and future activities and clubs. It was a partial success for me. The school unoffically adopted the business side logo and continues to use it. There are a few other logos they use, but Ive been away for awhile now and I do not know if they adopted any of the others that I created.


Additionally, while in Korea our daughter was born and I started video editing so family back home could keep up with her growth. Which consequently, led to my latest endeavor of video editing. I currently video almost all of her important events, and with this experience I have done video editing work for schools, politicans, and family.


These pages show my progression and samples of my work in both design and video editing.



Photos of Santos
05/12/2009 - Present

True Love

(2010 06) (2010 06) Santos with Kyla coming back from a romp in the dogpark Houston [2010 08] (2010 06) (2010 06) (2010 06)


Photos of Adie
01/25/1999 - 09/07/2009
Adie meets her new mom on Easter Adie explores her new house in Long Beach, California Adie with her new toys. Adie in the back garden area of our apt in Houston. 1999
Adie attempting to take Pappago for a walk at Carrie's apt in Houston. Adie making friends in California. Making more friends at the dog park Adie showing her dominance at the dog park :-) Aide trying to show that she can clean the dishes better than the machine Adie back in Houston showing off her new green harness
Videos of Adie