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Kyla inside the tunnels leading to the underground lake from an old abandon Gypsum Mine Mommy and Kyla in the tunnels to the underground lake at the gypsum mine Mommy and Kyla outside the entrance of the Gypsum mine Daddy and Kyla outside the gypsum mine.  Kyla refusing to cooperate for the photo. :-) Kyla in front of Stephansdom in the town center Kyla in front of one of many of the fountains around town

Kyla contemplating Kyla in front of one of the many fountains around town
Vienna Austria 2009  


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South end of Charles Bridge, and the main entrance to the bridge for tourist This is Charles Bridge.  A famous bridge for all its statues and end towers Another closer shot of Charles Bridge.  Here you can see the statues that line the length of the bridge A residential and business area just off to one side of the bridge One of the statue scenes on the bridge As with all tourist attractions, you have your street vendors and entertainers

Our Pension...which is basically a cheap no frills hotel room The restaurant across the street from our Pension.  Very cool atmosphere Another view of the restaurant Charles Bridge early on a Monday morning so it was relatively quite.  However, within a few hours it was a madhouse of people A view of a residential area just off the bridge Another view of the residential area.
Another view of the residential area but on the other side of the bridge River tour boats A view of the city from the Charles Bridge A view of one of the guard towers at the north end of the bridge.  In the background you can see Prague Castle The end of the bridge which leads onto a shopping street A view of the city from the Charles Bridge
The shopping street at the end of Charles Bridge One of the things Prague is famous for is traditional wooden toys.  It was at this store that we bought several toys for Kyla Ky playing with one of her new toys from the store in the previous photo A view of the city from the Charles Bridge.  This time with a fisherman on the river A shot of St. Nicholas Church Street scenes of Prague
Street scenes of Prague Street scenes of Prague A view of the Vltava river that runs through Prague Street scenes of Prague Inside the courtyard to Prague Castle This is a building in old town Prague on the way to the town square.  The outside of the building is handpainted
Prague Town Hall One of the clock faces on the clock tower in Town Hall Shopping along the way to Town Square.  This is the store where we bought Ky's Growth Stick. The store where we bought our wooden map of the world.
Kyla's Growth Stick A view of the river, Charles bridge and the Prague castle in the background And what trip would be complete without a trip to the TOY MUSEUM And what trip would be complete without a trip to the TOY MUSEUM Entrance to the Jewish Cemetery Memorial for the Jews Killed during WWII The backside temple or offices of the cemetery
Here are photos from the cemetery itself...Some of these grave markers go back to the 1400's. These photos do not really do it justice Here are photos from the cemetery itself...Some of these grave markers go back to the 1400's Here are photos from the cemetery itself...Some of these grave markers go back to the 1400's Here are photos from the cemetery itself...Some of these grave markers go back to the 1400's Main entrance into Prague Castle.  There are photos with Ky in front of the guard on her Year 02 page Marionettes hang on a door on the path up to Prague Castle
No Videos from Czech Republic


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Horse guard outside Buckingham Palace Police keeping the crowds back at Buckingham Palace as they do a change of the guard ceremony . Kyla helping mommy make biscuits . Kyla helping mommy make biscuits

Big Ben Clock Tower Front gate of Buckingham Palace Changing of the guard ceremony Changing of the guard ceremony Changing of the guard ceremony London Tower
Tower Bridge with HMS Belfast in the Foreground Kyla at Buckingham Palace Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background Big Ben with the London Eye in the background Kyla in the London Eye Ky on London city bus tour
Ky's trip around the world Ky at Tower Bridge Ky at Tower of London Ky at Picadilly Circus Ky with the Horse Guards guarding the barracks of the royal guard Ky at Big Ben
Ky at West Minster Abbey Ky asserting her authority. Kyla with Memaw and Daddy at the hotel in London Ky with Uncle Hitesh in London. Ky with Aunt Roberta in London...Daddy's friend from university at Teesside
London 2009  


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Pretty neat system of rental put in your money, ride to where you want to go and at that location there is another of these bike return your bike and get you money back Misun, Grazyna, Aga and Carrie in front of the Lyon 'penci' (which is the Radion SAS hotel) The Fourvière Basilica Sidewalk Cafe in Lyon Old Town Back Streets of Old town Lyon Back Streets of Old town Lyon

Readers Theather in Old Town Lyon Central Cathedral in Lyon Street musician in front of the cathedral Shot of the tramway system Electric bus (trolley bus) system in Lyon Our Hotel in Lyon.. Called Prieme 1..Although it was nothing more than an upscale Youth Hostel
Our luxurious bunkbeds Our toilet that they must have taken from an old DC-9 Aga and Carrie walking through Lyon with Hewa, Grazyna and Misun in the background. Looking out our conference room balcony I thought this was they have electronic price signs Overlooking the river running through Lyon
Another Shot of the Fourvière Basilica Lyon Tram
No Videos from France


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Our stay in Berlin was at the Holiday Inn Express Rm. 407 Ky seems to be pleased with the accommodations Ky posing in her 'Pippi LongStockings' outfit in the hotel room.11 In case you didnt know who Pippi Longstockings was Our first stop in Berlin was the KeDeWe store Ky getting ready for shopping

This is for Nancy.  Its the Teuscher Store in Berlin inside the KeDeWe The street scene in front of KeDeWe at Christmas time Our next stop was Check Point Charlie. This is a shot of the crossing facing West from the communist East German side Check Point Charlie facing East from the West German Side Another view facing East from the West German side with a view of the sign warning you that you are leaving the American sector Ky thanking God she didn't have to live on the other side of that wall
Here is a simple shot of the wall with an appropriate message left by an unknown person Berlin Wall This view of the wall shows how it was bricked down 7 to 8ft or 2 to 3m to prevent tunneling under it by would-be escapees On to Brandenburg Gate Ky and Mommy at the Brandenberg Gate the Riechstag
An aerial view of the area.  Red ..Brandenberg Gate: Blue..Riechstag: Yellow..Holocaust Memorial is now located: Green: Adlon Hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his baby out the window: Pink..Shows where the Berlin Wall was Berlin Cathedral The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.  Built between 2003 - 2005 it consists of 2711 concrete Stelae.  There is no rhyme or reason for the is left up to each individual to interpret. A closer shot of the memorial Ky just before we almost lost her amongst the monoliths This is the former East German Parliament Building.  It is being dismantled not demolished.  Not sure what they are going to do with the material
The DDR Museum.  A look into the everyday life of communist East Berlin A Trabant Eastern Europe's best known transport A listening post where the police would spy on citizens within an apartment complex or office building...these were hidden in unmarked rooms Comparing communist jeans to capitalist jeans Stereo components from communist East Berlin A computer and kids toys
A view of one of the rooms showing the day to day living things in communist East Berlin Ky calling to report on her neighbors for being pro western in this mock up of a East Berlin Apt The Berlin Aquarium Ky riding a tug boat at the Berlin Aquarium Ky checking out some of the marine life.  We werent allowed to use flash so the photo is dark A view of the aquarium tower which is located inside the Radisson Hotel in Berlin
Another view of the aquarium tower from the top looking down Ky expressing her amazement as the elevator lifts us up inside the aquarium tower A view of the hotel as it looks from inside the aquarium tower Ky petting some starfish and sea urchins Entrance to a Christmas Open air market Back Streets of Old town Lyon


The Zwinger is Dresden's most famous landmark. This baroque complex of pavilions and galleries was - like many of the city's most prominent buildings - commissioned by Augustus the Strong, elector of Saxony The complex was built between 1710 and 1732 after a design by Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann in collaboration with sculptor Balthasar Permoser. The Zwinger includes six pavilions connected by large galleries most impressive pavilions is the Rampart (wall) The name 'zwinger' means 'interspace' and originates from its location between former city fortifications. The Zwinger, with its large inner courtyard, was used for court festivities, tournaments and fireworks Zwinger grass sculptures Modern day bike Taxi waiting on a customer Dresden tram.  Its very clean and impressive

Ky playing in the fountains Travelling 'journeymen'. It's an old tradition that regained popularity in Germany in recent decades, especially among carpenters, although today I guess its more about travelling and having fun than about gaining experience of different workshops Old town Dresden from across the Elbe River The Goldener Reiter (Golden Rider), a gilded equestrian statue of Augustus the Strong is one of Dresden's best known landmarks A pedistrian crossover that I thought was cool The catholic hofkirche (Church of the Court) was built by Saxon ruler Augustus III as a counterweight for the protestant Frauenkirche
Berlin 2006  
Dresden 2007
Southern Germany
Augsburg (Legoland)
Koln (Cologne)


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A view of the Hungarian Parliment Building from the Danube A view of the Hungarian Parliment Building from the Danube A view of the Hungarian Parliment Building from the Danube Statue of St. Stephen Statue in the front of the Hungarian National Archives Chain Bridge in Budapest spanning the Danube

One of the former Communist Monuments.  Do not know where it was from Entrance to Memento Park. A park dedicated to preserving the remains of Soviet communist era monuments and statues One of the former Communist Monuments.  Do not know where it was from Entrance to Memento Park. A park dedicated to preserving the remains of Soviet communist era monuments and statues One of the former Communist Monuments.  Do not know where it was from Grounds of the National Archives
One of the former Communist Monuments.  Do not know where it was from Basilica of St. Stephen Basilica of St. Stephen Scene from inside the labrynth under the Castle Hill Complex, also featured in Amazing Race Asia on CBS Scene from inside the labrynth under the Castle Hill Complex, also featured in Amazing Race Asia on CBS
Scene from inside the labrynth under the Castle Hill Complex, also featured in Amazing Race Asia on CBS Scene from inside the labrynth under the Castle Hill Complex, also featured in Amazing Race Asia on CBS Kyla examing a horse sculpture within the Labrynth A worship alter in the labrynth Some of the wall paintings within the labrynth. Carrie using her cell phone to light the way only to find a dead end...Its pretty close to pitch black in most of the labrynth.  The flash of my camera is the only reason for the clear photos.

Some of the wall paintings within the labrynth Statue of Andras Hadik.  It tradition for students to rub the testicles of the horse before national examinations for good luck...thus the reason they are still bronze in color.   Andras was a Field Marshall in the war against the Turks. Statue of the Holy Trinity in the Castle Hill Complex

Budapest 2006  

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Northern Italy ( Lago Maggiore Area (2008))

Map of the middle section of Lake Maggiore and covers all the places we visited The ferry at the docks of Laveno where we started our trip Franci and Jessica feeding the ducks and geese in Laveno with the ferry in the background A look at Lake Maggiore from the shores of Laveno Scence from Village of Laveno Sophie and Marti pretending to be Koreans while waiting for ferry tickets in Laveno

Mayu waiting for the ferry One of the ferry boats on Lake Maggiore Ferry Nicolas on the Ferry Riding the ferry from Laveno to Stresa Karina enjoying the boat ride
Tadashi and Karina watching the horizon Sophie, Martina, and Aida Enjoying the boat ride although Nicolas doesnt look so happy :-) Our boat docked in Stresa Group Photo in Village of Stresa on the shores of Lake Maggiore Italy Franci playing with the ducks in Stresa
The group of us in Stresa feeding the ducks Junko and Franci hiding in the shade of a tree in Stresa Village of Stresa Boat Dock in Stresa Junko and Jessica at the gates of Isola Bella (Beautiful Island). One of the Island of Lake Maggiore Playing in the waters of Isola Bella with Firshermans Island in the background
Anuk testing the waters of Lake Maggiore on Isola Bella Eri, Martina, Sophie and Anuk playing the waters of Isola Bella Monica contemplating life on Isola Bella Nicolas relaxing after lunch on Isola Bella The lake from Isola Bella with Fishermans Island in the background Lonely gulls resting on a pole in Lake Maggiore...photoshot from Isola Bella
Aida and Dad goofing around with the camera Not sure what the building is for but its on Isola Bella Isola Bella and the beaches where we played in the water (foreground) from the previous photos Another shot of Isola Bella from Fishermans Island Sign for Isola Bella near the boat dock Fisherman's Island
Fisherman's Island Netting on Fisherman's Island Waiting for the ferry (Isola Madre) Catch the ferry back to Laveno after our island tour (Isola Madre) Goofing around on Isola Madre Drinking from the wall (Isola Madre)
Taking a  break on Isola Madre Church tower on Fisherman's Island Housing on Fisherman's Island Pizzeria on Fisherman's Island Fisherman's Island Gateway on Isola Madre
Isola Madre
Santa Caterina
Nicolas, Monica and Egidio at Santa Carterina overlooking Lake Maggiore Anuk with Santa Caterina in the background The Church of Santa Caterina Monica and Jessica at Santa Caterina All the young ones ( minus me :-) ) Group shot
Junko, Anne, Jessica, and Monica Me doing my thing Nicolas and Anuk peering out throught the balcony Santa Caterina Some kind of old press used to make wine The girls being silly
Monica, Junko and Anne
Waterfall Cittiglio
Rounding up the troops for the hike Waiting on the bridge and deciding if we are going to try to go on to the second waterfall...but the trail has been washed out Group photo on bridge Monica and Egidio Adie in charge of taking care of Egidio Martina and Sophie relaxing by the stream
Martina being dared to submerge herself in the cold water Not to be outdone Sophie joins in but is spalshed by Martina Adie trying to figure out why people would willing go into the cold water Martina showing us her better features Martina and Sophie This is the first waterfall of three but the trail to the other two had been washed away...this is the small of the three
At the Calvi's and the Hotel
Jose and Tadashi Junko and Tadashi Jessica and Jose Jose checking his camera Jessica Lockhart Junko who isnt used to drinking
Egidio Calvi Jose ready to eat Lunch Lunch Outside Dinning Outside Dinning
Anuk jumps in Aida, Jessica and Katrine swimming at hotel pool Not sure but I think they are surrendering Showing the view from the hotel...the snow capped mountain in the back is one of the taller mountain in the area Junko almost undresses as they play a game where she has to guess what article she is wearing that the group wants from her...turns out it was the blanket they wanted :-) Eri and Sophie checking out the old well at the hotel
Northern Italy and Switzerland  

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The People
The Polish in general are a mixed breed.  They excel in certain areas and seem to be inept in others.  For example, those who have immigrated to other parts of Europe are described as hard working people and are often in demand.  Maybe this is because those who have left Poland are as dissatisfied with the "Polish" way as many Expats who move here are, and so, tend to have more initiative and be hard working.  However, most of those who have stayed behind seem to still have a communist mentality.  At least the older generation.  The customer is a burden and cause for work instead of the reason they make a living.  Poland also has a big "tomorrow" attitude where everything seems to take forever to get done.  In fairness, the Polish people have suffered a lot over the last 50 to 60 years with WWII and then Communism.  They are progressing quickly but still falter due to this communist way of thinking by many of their older peers.  The young people here seem to be hard working and anxious to leave.  Most go to Britain or Ireland as it is now harder to get into the U.S.  Many young Polish speak a fair degree of English, so they recognize where the opportunities are, for in the recent past they learned either German or Russian.
Pets and Animals
The Polish love their dogs and you see them everywhere here.  Most tend to have larger dogs such as German Sheppard or Labs, but recently beagles have become popular.  Its almost opposite here from Korea where we moved from.  You rarely see little toy dogs here.  There are many vets in and around where we live but to my dismay only very few are open 24hrs.  However, our 2 beagles have been well cared for.  There doesn't seem to be the idea of boarding pets in Poland as we could find no kenneling services here.  I'm supposing that most Polish take their pets with them on trips or get a neighbor to look after them etc.  Being an Expat and not speaking the language, doesn't lend us the opportunity to have our pets taken care of in this way.  We are lucky that our nanny has offered to watch them when we travel.   There are a couple of  disappointments to the Polish attitude on dogs.  They tend to let them pooh anywhere without cleaning up so you often have to step over dog pooh as you walk around neighborhoods.  Secondly, they also tend to let them walk off leash.  This may not be a big deal with smaller dogs but since most own big dogs here it can be quite worrisome, especially when you are walking your own smaller dog.
The city where we live, Wroclaw, has 5 main forms of transportation.  Tram, citybus, car, bike, and walking.  Lets take them one at a time.  The tram system, although this is a common method of transport in Europe, in Wroclaw they seem to have gotten it half right.  If the trams had their own separate right of ways it would be a very quick and cheap way around the city.  However, this is not the case.  In many areas the tram shares the road with cars and thus is stuck in traffic just like everyone else so why bother to pay to sit with a bunch of strangers.  The city bus system is like most cities and its fairly cheap, so I hear, as Ive never used them. The downside to the system is that you often wait 20 min or longer for your bus to arrive and in -5 winter weather that is no fun and you stuck in traffic with the cars and the trams as well.  There are the occasional special bus and tram lanes but not enough to make a difference in my opinion.  Taxis are numerous and often have special areas around neighborhoods where they congregate.  You can call for them to come to your house, as long as your Polish is good.  There is also the hidden taxi service, in Wroclaw anyway, where, usually university students, in their spare time will come and pick you up in their own car and take you somewhere.They are usually cheaper however, you'll have to find a number from a Polish person and ask how to use the service. Most people still use public transportation but cars are fast crowding streets here as the Polish, in general, are starting to have more and more disposable income.  This in turn has taken a terrible effect on the roads.  They are terrible here,  at least the city streets.Many in Wroclaw still are cobble stone roads that are uneven at best with dips that rival the worst of potholes.  In many cases the cobbles are often "spot fixed" with asphalt which then in turn falls apart during the winter and causes an even worse road conditions. The main Highways are improving. and are often very good but are slow in being built.  Biking is a popular way of getting around town in Wroclaw during the mild weather months of Spring and Summer.  There are many biking lanes around the city and young and old alike use them.  At present there are no bike rental stations like you would find in Dresden or Lyon where you simply put in a few coins, take a bike and return it to a similar station elsewhere in town.  But overall, biking is a good alternative if you dont mind the elements getting the better of you occasionally.  Then lastly, there is the old fashioned walking to get around.  I would say this is only a viable mode of transport in the city center.  Otherwise you would need public or private transport to get to all areas of the city.
Poland has all the season but the summer tend to be mild and hot for only about 5 weeks or so.  However, in saying that the first year we arrived in Poland it was a very hot and sticky summer with a very mild winter.   Winters tend to be fairly cold with snow but so far it hasn't been anything we could handle and we're from Texas so that should give some indication of the winters.  Summers have at most a high in the lower 30's but general average around the upper 20's.  Most people do not have A/C in their houses nor in small mom and pop shops.  Mainly because of the expense although they will also tell you A/C isnt need here but comparing that statement to our first summer I beg to differ on that opinion.  Spring and Fall are equal to each other and are hit and miss as far as good temps go.  Winter is cold, but as mentioned above nothing like Siberia.
Public Service
Public service in Poland is slow.  As mentioned before Poland has a "tomorrow" mindset.  As a rule of thumb I general multiply whatever a Polish person tells me by 3.  So for example, if they say it will take 20min, you can almost bet you'll be there an hour.   I have only found a few incidences where public service was good here.  In most cases it takes forever to get something accomplished, and especially so if dealing with any kind of government agency.  Even our first landlord who, himself, admits how bad things can be here tends to continually put things off.  We were told about improvements to our apartment when we first moved in and a year later were still not taken care of adequately.
Many Polish are starting to own their first cars and most of the men and young boys who drive them all think they are rally road racers.  Often tailgating and passing under dangerous conditions.  Poland is without a doubt one of the worst places for car drivers in Europe. The country has some of the worst roads; the highest numbers of cars stolen; and large numbers of drivers who do not meet accepted Western European norms in terms of driving skills.  Poland's roads are in general of a very poor quality, and are badly designed and maintained. Roads are often full of deep potholes or track-like ruts, where the wheels of heavy trucks have passed along time and time again. Some minor roads have not been improved since they were first built decades before. Crossroads and road junctions are often not marked with stop lines, and the white road markings on the road where they do exist are almost invisible. New road building, largely financed by the European Union, is on the whole badly designed and planned and the finish is of a poor standard. For example: many new roundabouts are actually not round, but are designed so that drivers need not slow down, as they approach them. Because of this many drivers drive right across at high speed without even slowing down! Cars going around these squared 'roundabouts' having to brake or crash into the cars not slowing down.  A large number of Polish drivers drive in a way which would be totally unacceptable outside of Poland. Many of these habits are extremely dangerous and account for many thousands of deaths each year on Polish roads. These rather primitive driving habits include but are not limited to: overtaking in the face of oncoming traffic, and then expecting the oncoming car and the car being overtaken to flee into the emergency lane; overtaking on blind bends; aggressive tailgating; overtaking on the inside on dual carriageway roads; exceeding the speed limit in the most dangerous locations; and an almost total disregard for traffic signals. For a number of Polish drivers a red light means stop only if another vehicle will or is obstructing your path or if you are likely to be seen by a policeman. Jumping lights, which have just changed to red, is commonplace. Cars generally only stop at zebra crossings if there are pedestrians in the middle of the road.

Built-up areas 50kph / 31mph
Outside built-up areas 90kph / 56mph
Expressways 110kph / 68mph

Headlights: All vehicles must use headlights both night and day all year.

Traffic Fines: Police are empowered to collect fines on the spot; they must issue a receipt.

Medical and Dental
There is decent English medical and dental care in Poland, at least in larger cities.   I say decent in that you can get fairly good basic medial care but I would not advise major surgery or long term hospital stays in Poland.  In the hospitals it isnt the nurses job to take care of you, its to assist the doctors, so you will need a family memeber or good friend to stay with you or visit everyday to take care of basic needs such as food, toliet, etc...We were/are members of a private medical chain in Poland called Medicover, and although the care was good the record keeping was terrible. (This has improved since they automated thier system)  There were countless times that we had a blood test and scheduled an appointment to discuss the results only to learn they had no idea where the blood test report was.  Our daughter had a very typical and common dislocated elbow as a 2 year old.  Not only did we have suggest the possible problem to the doctor we ultimately diagnosed the problem ourselves with research on the internet.  Once diagnosed (by us) they were quite competent in fixing the problem however.  Dental care is hit and miss but where we live in Wroclaw there is a wonderful modern fully equipped dental clinic which performed a tooth extraction and implant on me with no problems or much pain at all.  I always felt in good care and clean conditions.
Polish Food is a mixture of, and foreign culinary traditions. Born as a mixture of various culinary  traditions, both of various regions of Poland and surrounding cultures, it uses a fair variety of ingredients. It is rich in meat, especially pork, cabbage (for example in the dish), and spices, as well as different kinds of and, the most notable of which are the.  Fast food is growing more and more popular in Poland after the fall of communism. Apart from McDonald's Burger King, Subway, and KFC, Pizza Hut is also very popular, as well as many Polish pizza chains. Pizza in Poland is characterized by the Polish habit of using ketchup on top of the pizza, rather than sauce.  Pizza Hut, however, is more like American are use to pizza.  The Greek dish of Gyros is also very popular here and can usually be found in every neighborhood.
As with any large city there is a variety of food from all over the world. 


Poland 2006 - 2010


Wroclaw Town Hall in the city center, otherwise called by the locals Rynek Wroclaw Town Square. City Center Wroclaw Town Square. City Center Wroclaw Town Square. City Center An aerial view of Wroclaw showing the city center City street within the town center.  I believe this street is in the church district

Wroclaw University, Hall of Lepoldin Soliders Church right off the town center Local street musician in the church district B&B we stayed at when first arriving in Wroclaw Our first of many rental cars that we had for the first 2 months in Poland.  We drove this car from Warsaw to Wroclaw when we first arrived Living the Past....those are WWII bullet holes in that apt building.
Living the Past....those are WWII bullet holes in that apt building. Bullet holes plus you can see where the bricks have been replace (building rebult) (Lighter colored bricks) Cobble stone street in Wroclaw...pain the butt to drive on Cobble Stone Street (looking down toward WIS) Local street artist in the church district Winter 2009
winter 2009 Giant Snowflakes Carrie in the local Wroclaw Metro Page.  This is an article to do with 'kindness' day and how people in Poland are showing kindness to others.  I guess since Carrie was a forieigner she was highlighted in the photo

Botanical Gardens

Pathways at the Botanical Gardens Plant Info at the Botanical Gardens Waterfall at the Botanical Gardens Lake at the Botanical Gardens Solitude at the Botanical Gardens Weeping Willows in the Wroclaw Botanical Gardens in the town center.

Nancy and Jim crossing a bridge in the gardens Fountains at the Botanical Gardens
Main entrance to the Zoo Map of the Zoo Zoo Grounds Animals at the Zoo
Petting Zoo Entrance Petting Zoo Entrance Zoo grounds Zoo grounds
Zoo grounds Zoo grounds Zoo grounds
Tuning Show
My car at the auto show...they have Matiz in Poland but no Automatic Transmission version... Waiting in line for the show to begin Queuing up for at the entrance Center Stage Eye Candy Burn out staging area
The Crowds were quite large with people from all over the region attending the show Driving Skills was another contest For those guys whose car wasn't much to look at they had to do SOMETHING to get attention Car queuing up for the driving skills course Pontiac Trans AM (1981?) FIAT Punto
Subaru SRX Subaru SRX Dodge Neon BMW Fiat Old Fiat
I believe a Subaru, Honda and BMW Nissan 350 Z Another Matiz The other Matiz owner checking out my car 2 BMW's and a Ford in the middle Opel
Civic Row Not sure but wings are cool Alfo Romero Opel (i think) BMW Wings Roomster?
Ford Escort Convertible VW Polo
Apt 1 in Wroclaw
Bedroom Inside the 'Sunroom' that we used for a place to dry our clothes sunroom Looking at the dining area from the Kitchen Kitchen
Living room Livingroom entry way and door to the bathroom Inside bathroom looking out Kyla's room
Murals we painted on the walls in Kyla's room Murals we painted on the walls in Kyla's room Murals we painted on the walls in Kyla's room comparing the size of Kyla's hand from the paint print a year and a half before this photo was taken in Feb 2007
Gnome Tour
Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour
Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour
Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour
Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour
Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour Gnomes of Wroclaw Tour
Our Neighbors at Wiejska
Karolina Zieliska and Tomasz Bielanów Monika Mateusz Tomasz Bielanów Emilia Dobrawa
Milosz Maurycy Laura Adam Igor Franek (with Olga)
Dobromir Maciek
This shows the relations between the two Auschwitz camps.  The first video I made is from Camp B the second video is from Camp A explanation of the different types of insignia worn by the prisoners Main Gate to Auschwitz from outside looking in Main Gate to Auschwitz from outside looking in Arial of camp.  This is the men section. Overlooking the womens camp.
Inside one of the mens sleeping buildings Fencing and guard tower Mens Camp Inside the latrine building in the mens camp Toliets in mens camp.  I can assume they were the same for the women.  No privacy at all A look through the bedding frames in the mens camp"
Photo of Kyla standing alone in front of the building in the mens camp Building where Nazi Dr.s conducted medical experiement on children, mostly twins The foundation of the housing for the children used for the experiments. Tracks running through camp to the back where the gas chambers were Computerized recreation of the Gas Chamber Memaw, Ky, PapaDad and Carrie walking from the gas chambers towards the womens camp in Birkenau
Computerized recreation of the crematorium. Kyla playing with the ruins of the gas chambers behind her. Kyla sitting on the ground of Auschwitz camp A.  The original photo is center with variations of BW color mix to either side Outside a housing unit in the mens camp looking back at the main gate
Oven in the crematorium fencing around the camp Grounds of Camp A The Death many prisoners were excuted along this wall Suitcases confiscated by the SS from prisoners entering the camp Shoes confiscated by the SS from prisoners entering the camp
Shoes confiscated by the SS from prisoners entering the camp Artifical limbs confiscated by the SS from prisoners entering the camp Pans and pots confiscated by the SS from prisoners entering the camp Auschwitz grounds Auschwitz grounds Czech Republic memorial
Auschwitz grounds (Main Gate...Work will set you Free) Auschwitz grounds Mom and Carol at the Main Gate Auschwitz grounds. Kitchen in the womens camp Auschwitz grounds.  Womens quarters Auschwitz grounds. Remains of womens quarters
Auschwitz grounds. Remains of Gas Chamber Auschwitz grounds. Remains of Gas Chamber Auschwitz grounds. Remains of Gas Chamber Auschwitz grounds. Remains of Gas Chamber Memorial between the two ruins of the Gas Chambers Plac (in English) on the memorial.  This plac is repeated in about 12 to 15 different languages
Auschwitz grounds. Guard towers behind the Gas Chambers Flowers and candle left at the entrance to the gas chambers Flowers and candle left at the entrance to the gas chambers Auschwitz grounds. Remains of Gas Chamber Auschwitz grounds Auschwitz grounds
Auschwitz grounds. Looking back at the main gate from the inside Railcar used to bring in prisoners Railcar used to bring in prisoners
Castle Ksiaz and Walim Riese
Statue on the grounds of Castle Ksiaz Lion statue on the grounds of Castle Ksiaz Garden maze on the grounds of Castle Ksiaz One of the gates leading onto the Castle Ksiaz grounds Kyla and Grams looking at carved wooden animals on the grounds of Castle Ksiaz Gatehouse complex of Castle Ksiaz
Castle Ksiaz I assume one of the guard houses to the castle grounds Ivy on the walls of the gatehouse turning their falls colors A look down at the gatehouse from the top of the castle Main room Main room fireplace.
White room White room Blue room Red room Ceiling mural
Walim Riese
Main entrance into the Walim Riese complex Gates leading into the 2nd tunnel of the complex in the Walim area 3rd gate into the complex in the Walim area An idea of what the tunnels would be like upon completion with the water pipes above and paved walls etc... One of the tunnels within the complex Abandon mine rail car within the mine
Old artifacts that were found within the complex after the Nazi's abandon it
Mnt Sleza
Hiking the trails outside of Wroclaw with Nicolas At the top waiting for the group photo Group Photo :-) with the Polish countryside in the background Typical forest scenery on Mt. Sleza The end of our farewell ride with WIMBC founder Nicholas Strumane.  Uri Peleg, Nicholas, Me Nicholas loading Uri's bike into the car
Nicholas and Uri getting ready for the ride
Our Hotel in Krakow..(took this as Carrie was checking in) Our room Wooden games that the hotel gave Kyla Like in every major European city...the local tram Artwork in the town square The town square or Rynek (center)
Flower shops located in the town square Town hall tower.  It was destroyed in 1820 and later rebuilt.  It currently houses the a branch of the Krakow Historical Museum Another view of central Krakow On the outside of one of the local churches in central Krakow This is the Barbakan. A rounded fortification built in the 15th century to guard Krakow. It has 3m (10ft) thick walls and is said to be unconquerable This is the Barbakan. A rounded fortification built in the 15th century to guard Krakow. It has 3m (10ft) thick walls and is said to be unconquerable
Not sure...these guys were having a conversation just outside the Barma Florianska Gate....I just liked the local fashion. Opposite the Barbakan is the Brama Florianska entrance to old town Krakov.  This is the gate the king came through when arriving in Krakow Streets of old town Krakow Street performer...not sure what his gig was except that maybe he was a statue Streets of old town Krakow Street performer....grabbed this girls hair and wouldnt let go
The Wawelska Katerdra (Wawel Cathedral).  Kings coronations took place here and has the largest bell in Poland (8000kg) Grounds of the Wawelska Katerdra (Wawel Cathedral). Grounds of the Wawelska Katerdra (Wawel Cathedral). Grounds of the Wawelska Katerdra (Wawel Cathedral). Gargoyel styled drain pipes on the Wawelska Katerdra (Wawel Cathedral) I believe this is the 8000kg bell
Some locals selling bread on the streets of old town Krakow...takes you back to WWII era
Wroclaw the City  
Wroclaw Zoo
Salt Mines outside Krakow
Castle Grodziec
Apt 1 (Greska)
Apt 2 (Wiejska)
Hiking Mnt Sniezka
Auschwitz (Part I)
Auschwitz (Part II)
Mom and Carol's visit to Poland
Wroclaw Int'l Mtn Bike Club
Castle Ksiaz and Walim Riese






Wroclaw International School

View of the WIS Beyzyma Campus.  The chimney in the middle of the grassy area is a breathing port for an old under- ground WWII Nazi bomb shelter.  Our school was a German officers quarters during the war Front View of the school Another view of the front of the school as seen from the sidewalk outside the fence area of the school View of the playground at the Beyzyme Campus Another view of the playground at the Beyzyme Campus Some local grief by the residences of the neighborhood where our school is located. CLICK the next photo for a translation

. John Sauer Jill (who teaches ESL in the upper grades) with her husband and two boys Teacher trip to a Polish Pottery Village called Boleslawiec Eating lunch in Boleslawiec:  Misun, Ronke,Daniel, Tanya, Heidi, Jill and Adam Mark and Deborah talking with Nicholas at the FEM picnic
Ingrid (foreground) with several teachers and parents in the background visiting at the FEM picnic Dez, Hewa, Misun eating lunch with a few parents at the FEM Picnic Carrie, Grazyna, Aga and Misun pose outside the Lyon Convention Center for our 2007 PYP training course Hewa posing for a Rugby Photo in Lyon during the French 2007 Rugby World Cup Hewa posing with some wax figures of Rugby players that were advertising the Rugby World Cup 2007 in France Waiting for our flight to Lyon
Pottery Pottery Dinner at the Pyramidia: the Heathers harrassing people :-) Dinner at the Pyramidia: Dagmara translating the Menu for Heidi and Kai looks on Dinner at the Pyramidia: Malgosia dressed for success :-) Dinner at the Pyramidia: Eva, Radek, and Bozenia smile for the camera while Jill's husband Adam trys to order
Kaii's Husband and Grant Radek and Eva From Left to Right:  Kai, Norma, Malgosia, Heather, and Deborah Dinner at the Pyramidia: Deborah and Ian putting on the charm Winter 2009 (Feb) Winter 2009 (Feb)
Winter 2009 (Feb) My end of year Certificate for 08-09, after many problems with the car that year. Carries award for learning how to drive a manual transmission after we had to get our automatic replaces with a manual Staff end of year picnic at some kind of Polish American Indian park John Sauer Malgosia at 2009 Spring Concert
Radek at 2009 Spring Concert Des at end of year Staff Party Grant at end of year Staff Party Grant and Petra at end of year Staff Party Heathers Squared.  Heather Koch and Heather Buck in the wild somewhere Heidi at end of year Staff Party
Hewa at end of year Staff Party Jeirome at end of year Staff Party Kaii and Jo at end of year staff party Mark at end of year Staff Party Norma at end of year Staff Party Radek, Asia, Adam, Ola and Eva sit around at Anula's House for a get together before the start of the 2009-2010 School Year
Anula, Kaii and Carrie visting at Anula's House before the start of the 2009-2010 School Year. Kai Izumi (EoY Party 2010) Kristin Hutton (EoY Party 2010) Kai Riemer-Watts (EoY Party 2010) Misun Thompson (EoY Party 2010) Amie (EoY Party 2010)
Grazyna (EoY Party 2010) Radek (EoY Party 2010) Radek and Tony..Sorry I had to put this photo in Radek Carrie with Joshua Hewa at EOY party Asia (EoY Party 2010)
Ola (EoY Party 2010) Adam (EoY Party 2010) Lauren (EoY Party 2010) Hewa and Kaii Jill Craig (EoY Party 2010)
Tony (EoY Party 2010) Jared (EoY Party 2010) Malgosia (EoY Party 2010) Malgosia (EoY Party 2010) Hewa and Misun (EoY Party 2010) Asia and Tony (EoY Party 2010)

Ewa (EoY Party 2010) Joshua Thompson

Beyzema Campus  
Farewell to Staff



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Lunch in Lugano Lunch in Lugano Lunch in Lugano The Lockhart's waiting for Aida to finishs her paddleboat ride Egidio, Monica and Junko wait for the girls to finish the paddleboats Girls playing bumper boats out on the lake

OK we're done Egidio and Jose killing time... Paddleboat docks Sites of Lugano Franci and Anuk strolling through Lugano streets Church in Lugano


Northern Italy and Switzerland